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Tell-A-Story – Connect the Dots with Math and Language Arts
Assembly performance
Audience size: 125 students or less
30-45 minutes

Kindergarteners learn about shapes and numbers as they create a story in the Polka-Dotted Picture Window™. The kiddos count and connect dots to reveal a hidden picture. 

Students discover how a picture or illustration, rather than words, can represent an entire story. The performance is ideal for the Kindergarten audience whose writing abilities may not be quite as developed as their drawing skills.

Through the excitement and energy of storytelling, this presentation inspires your younger students to create their own stories and share them with others through their drawings. A handout will be available for students so that they can connect the dots again and share the story with their family and friends.

TEKS addressed in this program:

1st & 2nd GradeAssembly performance
Audience size: 125 students or less
30-45 minutes

Improvise a Story – “Day of the Villain Superhero Story"

First and Second grade students use vivid verbs and ideas save the day in Day of the Villain Superhero Story.

In this dynamic action-verb-packed program, students create an original superhero story. They transform a generic prompt (The Day of the Villain) into an exciting tale by simply answering questions (who, what, when, where, and why) or using the five senses.

A student superhero and the villain (Chris Espinosa) act out the story. Students continue to contribute ideas until the villainous plot is undone by a non-violent solution. Student suggestions are recorded in The Story Window™ graphic organizer in front of the audience. Once the story is over, the students will be able to look through The Story Window™ and SEE the story they conceived. A handout will be available for students to add details or rewrite the story before they share it with family and friends.

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