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Improvisational writing for narratives, expository essays, and scripts

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A dynamic one-hour pre-test prep!

Assembly program / Audience size: 100-150 / 45-60 minutes

Teaching artist and published author Chris Espinosa demonstrates the importance of ideas and details in writing.

In this one-hour session, Chris and students collaborate on improvised scenes based on suggestions from the audience.  Not only will the students find writing to be an exciting experience, they will understand that the writing process can be defined by Espinosa’s one rule: “If you can THINK it, you can INK it!”


  • Students turn non-descriptive sentences into improvised scenes by brainstorming and developing ideas
  • Students will learn the importance of word choice (vivid verbs and adjectives)
  • Students will learn how to develop ideas using the five senses and 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, and why).
  • Students discover how language comes to life when they develop the details (ideas) of a story.
  • Students will know that they can write; all they have to do is use their imaginations – “If you can THINK it, you can INK it!”

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